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The Earthroots Campaign to Protect the Oak Ridges Moraine
New poll shows that 76% of residents in the 905 region feel Premier Harris should personally intervene to protect the Oak Ridges Moraine.

81% in Metro Toronto support protection initiative by Premier

Tories to discuss new 'Smart Growth' plan to curb urban sprawl at retreat

(March 8, 2001) As the provincial Tories convened a strategy retreat, Earthroots released new polling showing strong support for "Premier Harris to become personally involved in the protection of the Oak Ridges Moraine".

The province-wide poll, conducted by Oraclepoll Research of Sudbury, showed that overall, 71% of those surveyed supported Premier Harris stepping in to ensure that the Oak Ridges Moraine is protected. The level of support rose to 76% in the 905 area code and 81% in Metro Toronto. The Oak Ridges Moraine is predominantly located in the 905 area code and is the heartland of Tory support in the province.

The Oak Ridges Moraine is a 160-kilometer long green space composed of farmlands and areas just north of Toronto. It also contains the headwaters of 65 rivers and streams that flow south into the Greater Toronto Area. A quarter of a million people get their drinking water directly from the Moraine. Proposed housing developments currently threaten the quality of groundwater and green space on the Moraine.

"This polling shows that Ontarians continue to want the Oak Ridges Moraine protected," said Josh Matlow, Campaigner, Earthroots. "Rather than the Premier just discussing 'Smart Growth', we hope that he will come up with a 'Smart Response' for real protection on the Moraine."

"We have seen this government move quickly on issues when the Premier becomes involved which, clearly, is what Ontarians want. Mr. Harris has the opportunity to step in now and be the hero. We hope that he will seize this opportunity."

For more information contact:

Josh Matlow, Campaigner, Earthroots: (416) 599-0152 Cell: (416) 809-5674

Paul Seccaspinna, OraclePoll Research: (800) 494-4199

Polling was conducted between February 7th and 14th 2001 and has a margin of error of +/- 3.9%, 19/20 times.