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The Earthroots Campaign to Protect the Oak Ridges Moraine
89% of Area Residents Support Oak Ridges Moraine Preservation
Earthroots' polling shows nearly two thirds of Tory voters stating an opinion may change their vote if the government does not act on Moraine protection.
Wednesday, April 26th, 2000

(Toronto) The environmental organization Earthroots released a poll today showing that 89% of residents living on the Oak Ridges Moraine favour protection of the Oak Ridges Moraine ecosystem. 85% of respondents identified significant concerns over the effects of development on the quality of their drinking water. The poll, conducted by Oracle Research, surveyed at random 400 residents living in the cities of Uxbridge, Richmond Hill and Bolton on the Moraine.*

Results showed that 60% of decided voters in these areas supported the Progressive Conservative party, a decline from 65% the Party received in the last election in this area. However, 64% of those Conservative voters with an opinion indicated that they would be less likely to support the PC party if it took a position that favoured development of the Moraine.

"The people of the Oak Ridges Moraine have voiced their overwhelming support for a Moraine preservation plan. Earthroots' question once again is 'Premier Harris, what is holding you back from protecting the Oak Ridges Moraine?'"

Recently, Earthroots' research revealed that the Ontario PC Party has received over $1.1 million in political contribution from developers on the Oak Ridges Moraine between 1995 and 1999. Due to the government's lack of action on Moraine protection, Earthroots questioned whether the party might be under the influence of developers' dollars rather than the public interest.

"Both politically and ecologically, it makes no sense for the Ontario government to continue to drag its feet on an Oak Ridges Moraine protection plan. Earthroots is demanding that the Ontario government respond to are residents and protect the Oak Ridges Moraine, or pay the price in the next election."
(*accuracy of poll with 400 person sample size +/- 4.9%, 19/20 time)

For more information, please contact:
Josh Matlow
Campaigner/Outreach Coordinator
phone: (416) 599-0152